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Looking to train in a safe and comfortable environment?

Our workshops are engaging and creative with innovative and skillful choreography. Sol Dans Company develops dancers' technique and artistry whilst creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere. 


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  • Workshops and intensives

  • Residencies

  • Inset days

  • Teacher training

  • Choreographic projects

  • Taster sessions

  • GCSE and A-Level curriculum based workshops.


We are able to tailor to suit the needs and abilities of participants.



We believe that young people benefit greatly from dance training. Dance can help improve participants’ life skills, physical fitness, concentration, co-ordination, cognitive skills and raise levels of confidence and self-esteem. All of which can be carried through to later life. 


We believe that every young person has the right to participate in arts activities that will develop their creative potential in a safe and supportive environment. Our facilitators are committed to engaging and educating young participants whilst ensuring that each individual child works to the best of their ability regardless of age, class, gender, sexuality, physical ability, social, ethnic, religious or cultural backgrounds. We strive to ensure that every child is treated equally and that their learning experience with us is as positive as possible.


Our facilitators are members of Sol Dans Company and hold current DBSs and insurance.  Our instructors’ extensive work in the education sector and diverse careers working professionally in the Dance Industry ensures that students are exposed to a well-rounded and informed dance experience.

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